Robyn Lynn Snyder

Robyn and Raven 2017

Professional Groomer & Resort Manager

Robyn moved to Jackson in 2010 from NE Pennsylvania with a passion and enthusiasm for animals. After working in the business/management world for nearly twenty years, a new life emerged once she began dog grooming. She has a true heart and deep love of all animals. All her clients are treated as if her own. She stays up to date on the latest trends in styling, products and equipment to keep your pet looking and feeling great.
Robyn is married to Terry, a hunting enthusiast who shares her love of the west. The move to Wyoming was a dream come true for them to live and work in this beautiful valley. They have three dogs, a Leonberger named Keyush (Inuit for “bear cub”) and two black labs named Briar and Raven, along with the a cat, Oreo. And four beautiful horses… Seneca, Jasmine, Boo and Albert!
When she’s not grooming dogs, she enjoys horseback riding, photography, fishing, and gardening… but most of the time is spent with her husband and furry kids.

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