Jun 05 2015

Canine Influenza Virus

Canine Influenza Virus

“Canine Flu”

Canine “Flu” is caused by the H3N2 influenza virus, a new viral strain not previously detected in the US.  A recent outbreak in dogs has been reported in the Midwest, Texas and California.

This strain is different from the flu virus that infected many dogs in the US in 2009 (H3N8).  The only vaccine that is currently available for canine flu may offer some protection against the H3N2 virus, however, this fact remains unknown. The H3N8 flu vaccine is available at Spring Creek Animal Hospital should you desire to vaccinate your pet. The development of a vaccine against the new flu strain is ongoing.

This disease has not come to this part of the country.  The upcoming summer months will bring many travelers with pets, placing our dog population at higher risk. Should cases of canine flu begin to show up in Wyoming, our team will alert the community.

The symptoms of CIV are similar to CIRD (kennel cough), however they are generally more severe and can include fever, lethargy and nasal discharge.  If your pet should demonstrate any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.

There are no known cases of this virus infecting people.

For more information:

http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&A=3610  (Enter Canine Influenza Virus (H3N2)


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6 thoughts on “Canine Influenza Virus”

  1. bryan flake says:

    I am a new pet owner. This idea of different canine diseases and illnesses is so stressful to me. I just thought that if I get my dog vaccinated as a puppy, he’d be set for life. Where can I get information on vaccinations for my dog’s preventative care? http://oakhillsanimal.com/

    1. springcreek says:

      Hi Bryan,
      Don’t let this stress you out! Check out this page on our website for some really complete information on vaccines https://springcreekanimalhospital.com/pet-health-resources/pet-hbordetellaealth-articles/articles/?rid=841 If for some reason the link doesn’t work, go to page 33 in the pet health library.
      Once your dog is vaccinated as a puppy many veterinarians including us have gone to vaccinating every three years for the Distemper Combo which is one of the core vaccines. Rabies is given as a pup and is good for 1 year and then a 3 year vaccine is given the next year. Every state has different rabies vaccination laws though. The other vaccines for bordetella, lepto, lyme and influenza are annual. These other vaccines are given if you and your doctor determine your dog is at risk for any of those diseases based on many factors such as exposure and travel history.
      I hope this information has helped. Please feel free to call the hospital directly at 307-733-1606 for more specific information!

  2. With this flu, would it be able to transfer between us and our dogs? I have two dogs that I would not want to get sick. I’ll probably have to be sure that they are up on their shots. I have yet to get their vaccine for this strain but I’ll be making an appointment soon!

    1. springcreek says:

      Hi Andy,
      Great question! The dog flu, “Canine Influenza” is not contagious to people or vice versa. However, if you went somewhere where you were heavily exposed to a dog with Canine Influenza and did not wash your hands or change your clothes before loving all over your dogs, you could pass it to them that way. Remember we have not yet seen a case of true “Canine Flu” here is Jackson but with the travel & tourist season coming it is better to be safe than sorry if your dogs board or frequent local trails or dog friendly parks. Please feel free to give us a call to set up an appointment or for any further questions…307-733-1606
      Your friends at SCAH

  3. Nash Rich says:

    I didn’t know there was a new canine flu going around. I haven’t kept up on this stuff since my dog died. It’s scary how fast flu viruses mutate. I’m still around a lot of dogs, so I know what to look out for now. Thanks!

  4. I had no idea that dog’s were susceptible to the “flu”! That is kind of scary if you think about it because the flu is a really tricky sickness for humans alone, let alone dogs! I am going to make sure that this doesn’t happen to my dog and get that vaccine.

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