Jan 02 2017

Tune in to the new radio program, Ask the Vets!

Please tune in to KHOL 89.1 every Sunday from 12-12:30 to hear Dr. Dan, Dr. MJ, Dr. Alex, Dr. Brittany, Dr. Kathrin and Dr. Kaley on our new weekly radio show “Ask the Vets”. You can submit questions for them by emailing AskthevetsJH@gmail.com
You can always listen to old episodes by clicking on  http://www.891khol.org/listen-online/  and scrolldown to “Follow us on SoundCloud” KHOL’s Latets Tracks and chose which episode you would like to hear.

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2 thoughts on “Tune in to the new radio program, Ask the Vets!”

  1. this is really a good program to learn about your pets health

    1. springcreek says:

      Thanks for listening!

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