Mar 15 2018

Canine Infectious Respiratory Diseases & Dog Flu Warning!!!

Canine infectious respiratory diseases (“Kennel Cough” and Influenza “Canine Flu”) predominantly affect dogs in social settings such as those in kennels, shelters, grooming salons, doggie daycare, dog parks and common trails frequented by dogs. The canine influenza virus that is affecting most of the U.S. has  the potential to cause more serious symptoms in dogs than the typical Kennel Cough syndrome.

There is an ongoing epidemic of canine flu across the country and recently in nearby locations in Idaho.  Although not yet identified in Jackson Hole, the upcoming summer months (tourist visitation) present a unique and challenging risk for the canine population.  To ensure the best possible care of our canine companions, it is strongly recommended that they get immunized for Canine Flu (H3N2 & H3N8) as well as updated on Bordetella (Kennel Cough).

All canine guests of Happy Tails Pet Resort, HTPR, (boarding and grooming) must be current on the following vaccinations:
-Canine Influenza
As of  5/1/18, all canine guests to HTPR (boarding and grooming) must have completed the initial series of Influenza (2 vaccinations, 2-4 weeks apart) or be up to date on the annual booster.  The vaccine must include the H3N2 strain of Influenza.
Full protection is not present until 7 days AFTER the second vaccination, therefore we will NOT allow guests to enter the resort until at least one week after the second vaccine.  If a pet has received the initial series and is no more than one month overdue for an annual booster, vaccination may be performed on the day of admission to HTPR.

Although vaccination is not a guarantee that the pet will not contract an illness if exposed, recent information suggests that this vaccine markedly reduces the severity of clinical symptoms and duration of illness.
Please be aware that similar to the flu in humans, a pet may be contagious for several days before displaying symptoms and may continue to shed the virus for up to 30 days!  The staff of HTPR will continue to provide the best possible care for your dog through the new vaccination requirements and diligent screening and monitoring of the health of our guests.

If you are uncertain of your dog’s vaccination status, please ask your veterinarian.  We strongly recommend that the vaccination series be started immediately to ensure the strongest protection available.

For more information, call us at 307-733-1606 or visit


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