Over the past 14 years I have been bringing my large brood of cats and dogs to Spring Creek and they have extended their lives, and graciously helped me say farewell when my cats reached their 20s and dogs early teens. Dr. Dan and MJ Forman are my primary vets, but the entire team is amazing! Our current dog benefited from the specialist they brought up from the vet school in CO to look at his mangled paw from a pre-adoption injury. While the practice can be busy, the front desk does a great job trying to get us in and out in a rapid manner. While not inexpensive, charges are always explained and benefits and disadvantages of treatment plans made clear. I love it that after a year and a half of full sedation for nail trims on our dog’s permanently injured paw, the vet techs can now trim his nail with zero sedation as they have gotten to know him so well. We love the 24 hour option, which we hope to not have to use for a long time forward.

Christina C.

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